This is an online Gallery of people and families affected by spinal cord injury worldwide.  If you or a friend wish to be included in my Hall of Fame, please Email me with your story and a photo if possible or the address of your website and I'll include you here.

Andy Lee C2-4
London UK
July 16,1994

Lisa C5-6
Ohio, USA
July 10, 1999

Roland C2
Texas, USA
March 28, 1987

Tiffany C6
Minneapolis USA
August 25, 1993

Holly Bercik T2-T5
California USA

Summer 1996

Gary Roberts C4
Wiltshire UK

June 9, 2000

Ray Hibberd C4/5
Manchester UK

Stephanie McCoy T12

Andy Crowe C5/6
19th October, 1985

Roy Winsor
Somerset UK
29th July 1998

Mark Connollly T4
14th March 2000





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