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Spinal Injuries Association, excellent UK charity providing one of the most comprehensive websites relating to every aspect of Spinal Injury. 'Because life needn't stop when you are paralysed'

A very comprehensive spinal cord injury web site.  The site is dedicated to sharing with you information on healthcare, day to day life issues, personal experiences and much more.  Probably the most detailed medical info about SCI available on the Internet today


Motability is a UK charity which helps disabled people of all ages to get around. It does this by helping them to use a component of their Disability Living Allowance (DLA) or War Pensioners' Mobility Supplement (WPMS) to lease or buy a car or buy a powered wheelchair or scooter.


MAVIS The Mobility Advice and Vehicle Information Service set up by the Department of Transport provides practical advice on driving, vehicle adaptations and suitable vehicle types for disabled and elderly people, both as drivers and passengers.


Origin Carers  ORIGIN provides live-in care for people in the UK with spinal injuries.  Because a spinal injury is a complex condition that requires specialist care. 
ORIGIN is owned and managed by a man who is himself spinally injured. Since a diving accident in 1986, Peter Henry has been acutely aware of the need for good carer support in order to lead a full and active life.

Jasper's Spinal Column Another site with a lot of personal views on Spinal Injury.  Jasper and I have become friends through our joint interests in the internet and web design, oh yeah and we both have a spinal cord injury too


Lodgesons Hand Controls

Lodgesons product range offers a wide choice of options, from the basic 4 function to the comprehensive 12 function control system. Lodgesons products are also supplied to many independent assessment centres throughout the UK. These centres provide unbiased advice and first hand experience of a range of adaptions.


The Mobility Roadshow The Mobility Roadshow aims to give anyone with a mobility problem the chance to see what is available to help solve that problem and - most importantly - to try out and evaluate the options.


Disability Information Trust The Disability Information Trust is a registered charity that specialises in the assessment and testing of disability equipment and the publication of independent, verified and in-depth information on that equipment.


Organisations for the Disabled A list of organisations that provide services for the disabled.


Disabled Drivers' Motor Club The DDMC was founded in 1922 by a number of ex-World War One veterans. One of the first successes of the Club was in the 1930s when there was a proposal that disabled drivers should be banned from driving. Following a lengthy battle, the Club obtained the right for all disabled drivers to hold a licence, subject to the same driving test as other people.


Disability World Disabled Directory

Disability View The online edition of DISABILITY VIEW, this includes features from recent issues of the printed magazine and can assist you to find the best services and organisations for disabled people, their families, carers and professionals.


Disabled Living Foundation The Disabled Living Foundation provides accurate reliable and unbiased information and advice on daily living, equipment and related areas.


Wirral Epilepsy Support Group The Wirral Epilepsy support  Group is chaired by Lin Perry.  The aim of the group is to give support and friendship to all people affected by Epilepsy, not only a sufferer, but also family members or carers
Defiant Defiant all-terrain vehicles…Mud and marshland, forest and deep vegetation, sand or snow, canals and lakes. ‘Defiant’ can manage sheer climbs and drops, and is fully amphibious.  Can be driven by tetraplegics too.
FSCIP The Foundation for Spinal Cord Injury Prevention, Care & Cure (FSCIPCC) is a non-profit educational group dedicated to the prevention, care and cure of spinal cord injuries through public awareness, education and funding research
Viewpoint Mobility is the maker of North America's best wheelchair accessible minivan, the Vision™. The Vision™ is a rear-entry, lowered floor modification that is seamlessly engineered to make Daimler-Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors minivans as barrier-free as possible


Disabilty Links          Essentials          Internet Links



(I Seek You) Free interactive messaging software.  I've been using this for a few years now.  Allows you to chat, share files and message with friends who are online at the same time as you.  My ICQ number is 50342280.  


The best music player available for your PC.  Will play all sound files including MP3's.  Lots of sexy add-ons for it too.  It rocks! and its free!  


Shockwave Get the latest version 8 or above then download the excellent free Shock Machine.  You will then be able to save shockwave content from the internet  for use offline.  Lots of free titles available including games, cartoons &  music.  Fun for everyone.


Download.Com All he software you can think of.  Excellent search facility too.  Some is free, most is shareware, or time limited


V3 Want a great web address, like my one, hundreds of variations available, all with free web forwarding. 


Amusing site with free email addresses available.  The email will forward to any existing account you already have.




Disabilty Links          Essentials          Internet Links

                               Internet Links


Netsounds UK based music site.  Huge database of new and used items.  Reliable ordering and dispatch service.  Go look up your favourite band or singer.
Joke A Day A decent joke most days via your email address or browse the online joke archives and have some great laughs.


XFM London's best radio station, playing independent music, no teeny pop here.  Listen live on the net by clicking above.


Web Cameras Great site listing thousands of operational web cams throughout the world.  Watch wildlife or a wedding in Las Vegas its your choice


London Air Ambulance A sleek red helicopter with the Virgin logo splashed across its side is a common sight in London's skies. Many people believe it's Richard Branson on the way to a meeting. It isn't. This helicopter is a lifesaver. Virgin sponsors London's unique air ambulance, which is based on the roof of the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel on a specially constructed helipad.


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