My name is Roland from Texas, USA.

March 28, 1987 I fell from a horse and suffered a c-2 incomplete quad
ventilator dependent spinal cord injury.  Yeah, just like Christopher Reeves,
but mine happened first.  When I fell I hit a bumper of a car and then the
street.  I had a hyperextension of the neck, which caused a hemorrhage in the
spinal cord.  The doctors call it central spinal cord syndrome.  I can move
everything but my left side is weak.  My left hand is contracted.  I'm unable
to open it.  I also use a ventilator to breath.  I can also stand and walk
with assistance.  The doctors are surprised that I can do all that because I'm
not supposed to move anything from the neck down.  I also have complete
sensation from my head down to my toes.

Since my injury in 1987 in have worked for two different companies.  My first
job was at a local amusement park.  My first position was in season pass. 
After the season was coming to a close then I would take tickets at the front
gate.  I stayed in admissions for three seasons.  My fourth season, I had
applied for a marketing position taking surveys.  I got the position but it
only lasted for one month.  Admissions are a part of the operations department
for the park.  Once the park manager of operations (she was the second person
in charge of operations) found out I had transferred to another department she
pulled me aside and told me to fill out another application for operations
rides training administrator.  My duties were to teach ride safety classes,
administer test, grade test, and ride audits for the rides department.  Image
a person in a wheelchair on life support system in a rides department of a
major theme park.  Six Flags is a great opportunity for employment for people
with disabilities.  When I was there they built me two portable metal ramps,
two ramps, a bridge, and special parking with the vice presidents and the
general manager.  Baylor College of Medicine even did any interview of me
working at the park, which aired on local and national TV.

I currently own a boutique named Simply Sexy Lingerie located in a gentlemen's
club.  I sell clothing to the dancers that work at the club.  I'm in the
process of opening an online boutique and a web site for my models who work
for me.

I always try to keep a positive attitude about life and have fun.

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